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bt22 Using English At Work

Using English At Work


Speak English at Work with Confidence
Do you ever get nervous speaking English with your co-workers because you’re not sure what the “right” word or expression is? After listening to Using English at Work, you will be better able to speak and write business English. Get it right with this complete course in daily English for businesspeople like you!

You’ll learn commonly used words and phrases that will help you succeed in English. The course includes 10 detailed lessons that describe each part of a typical workday. Learn vocabulary related to arriving at work, checking mail and email, attending office meetings, going to business lunches, handling computer problems, scheduling a meeting, meeting with your boss, and socializing with coworkers.

In each lesson, you'll learn common and useful vocabulary for everyday things and situations found in an office.

Here is a list of just some of the situations you will be able to talk about in English after completing this course:

- Parking your car in a parking lot
- Dealing with inter- and intra-office mail
- Talking about emails
- Handling voicemails
- Attending a meeting
- Working with daily office furniture, supplies, and equipment
- Taking a break with your co-workers
- Going to lunch with colleagues
- Fixing common computer problems
- Talking to technical support
- Scheduling a meeting with another company
- Meeting with your supervisor
- Leaving work and clearing up your desk
- Going out for after-work get-togethers with co-workers

How it Works
Each lesson is divided into three parts, following the highly successful teaching methods ESLPod.com. You:

1. Listen to the story (slow)
2. Listen to the explanation of the story and vocabulary
3. Listen to the story at native-speaker rate (fast)

This 1-2-3 method of learning languages, pioneered by the applied linguists at the Center for Educational Development and ESL Podcast, is the fastest way to improving your business-related vocabulary. You encounter all of the key vocabulary several times in each lesson, helping you really understand the meaning of the expressions and how to use them correctly.

Don’t Just Listen – Read it, too!
Get the most out of Using English at Work by following along with the Learning Guide, which has a complete written transcript of every word spoken in the lessons. All of the vocabulary and expressions used in the lesson are also listed and defined in the Learning Guide, giving you the opportunity to read and review whenever you’d like. Plus, you are provided with an extra sample sentence using the word correctly in context. By listening to and reading each lesson, you’ll have a truly powerful way to increase your speaking and listening abilities in English.

Lesson 1 – Arriving at Work
Lesson 2 – Checking Mail, Email, and Voicemail
Lesson 3 – Attending the Morning Meeting
Lesson 4 – Working at My Desk
Lesson 5 – Taking a Break/Eating Lunch
Lesson 6 – Having Computer Problems
Lesson 7 – Scheduling a Meeting
Lesson 8 – Meeting with the Boss
Lesson 9 – Leaving Work
Lesson 10 – Socializing with Coworkers

download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X0GDAQEJ
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khóc mộng thiên đường .. vta
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